Kristen Le-Assignment 204 Part 1 RESUBMIT

Assignment 204- LIght 1- block file

Clear Glass red glass Stucco - White-Yellow - Medium titanium_shiny

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  1. Ah yes, marvelous. You’ve recycled, reduced, and reused your skyscraper as a light fixture. From the angle of previous post, it resembled Duchamp’s work in Sfmoma but it is finally clear to me. Although I must admit, the revelation leaves me underwhelmed. I now realize I was looking forward to seeing that model of porcelain throne completed.

    As for design, I feel as though the contrast between curve and straight line could be made stronger. The over all form is well executed and interesting. Though some might be compelled to pour water and flower into it as it would make an excellent pitcher.

    It is regardless a good work, well done.

  2. I like the curvature of your light design, and the way you letting it shine through a gaps in the middle to create light beams

  3. I like the curvature of you lamp design. It produces a nice diffused light. good work!

  4. I like the design you created and how the materials compliment your design well. This concept is really interesting and has a unique design.

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