More Windows Aren't Always Better: An ID Student's Unpopular Opinion

As an industrial design student without any previous experience in architecture, I found the process of conceptualizing and roughly designing a small cabin to be an interesting one.

From what little I feel I've noticed about modern architecture, there seems to be an obsession with windows, and to make a house entirely of windows is "peak architecture".

I can already hear all of architecture-dom hissing and shrieking about my conservative use of windows like the tortured souls in Dante's Inferno.

Personally, I attempted to design a dwelling that I myself would like to occupy, and for me, I've found an excess of windows, especially near the front door, to be a nuisance time and time again. For me, the curtains of those windows are always drawn, because I enjoy being "not home" every now and then when I'd rather not answer the door. That is why I've kept the living area and entrances to the bedrooms and bathroom quite "private".

Furthermore, if I want sunlight, I go outside, and if I want to read or work at my desk, I turn on a lamp. That's just me, though!

This is why I've limited windows to what I feel is reasonable (if a bit plain to look at from the outside), and focused mostly on making a floorplan that'd be not only cheap and simple to construct, but flows logically and makes the most of the small footprint of the structure.

I'd be very curious to know what everybody's thoughts are on this structure, even if it's complaints about windows!

- Joe

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