Lecture 18: Architectural Diagrams

Lecture 18: Architectural Diagrams from Grant Adams on Vimeo.

Introduction to architectural diagrams including built projects, student work and methods of diagraming.

Lecture 18: Architectural Diagrams (Part 2) from Grant Adams on Vimeo.

Demonstration on using and creating brushes in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

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Lecture notes for Lecture 18: Architectural Diagrams

Architectural Diagrams

What is a diagram?

  • Explain major design idea
  • Simplify design into major decisions/moves
  • Provide a clear, easy to understand view of the project

Learning to diagram...

  • Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Work first in sketchbook...
  • try:
    • adding color
    • adding cut out images
    • different medium (pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, etc.)

Architectural Diagram Examples

Diagrammatic Techniques

Diagrammatic Techniques

Diagrammatic Techniques

Student Diagrams

Diagrammatic Techniques

  • Use colors to accentuate/ draw out specific pieces of the design
  • Image From: www.milimet.net
  • Thermal Systems Diagram
  • Diurnal Cycle Diagram
  • Elevations with and without collage
  • Cabspotting
  • SFO Flight Patterns
  • Human Movement Patterns, SFO
  • Interconnectivity Diagram
  • Interconnectivity Diagram
  • Structural Diagrams
  • View Diagram
  • Site Diagram
  • Thought Diagram

Abstract Diagrams

  • Abstract Diagrams


Sample Abstract Diagram Images:

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