Lion in a Sea of Flowers

I chose a beautiful image of a lion nestled in a field of wild flowers. This image caught my eye instantly because the photograph was peaceful but fascinating at the same time.  The photographer caught the lion in a moment of shaking his mane. "Early in the morning, the young male lion came to the dense flower sea, and he felt very satisfied. Swinging his head in the breeze," Ge Xaio. This image had featured a couple of different styles of photography. One being the shutter speed, the mane being a blurred but he head focused allows us to get an idea how the lions movement was captured in a moment. The idea of framing is also present in this image with the lion set in the center of a field of wild flowers, drawing the audiences attention straight to the lions head. This follows along with a radial style of composition because the lion being the center allows for the flowers to pour out from this center focal point.

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  1. I love this! This photo captured the lion in motion. It makes me feel the photo is alive as I can easily imagine the flowers around the lion are being swayed by its movement of shaking its mane. I agree that this photo has a radial compositional technique of photography. Nice one!

  2. This is different than the usual images that are seen of lions. Usually they are pictured as vicious and aggressive. This image completely changes that stereotype and makes it more unique, gives another perspective to the viewer of such an majestic creature.

  3. The way it represents lion is unusual and thus impressive, (it’s almost innocent…); plus, how the concrete and blurry part of the image blending with each other, which allows the animal standing out, is purely beautiful.

  4. How did this lion find a field of flowers? I have never seen a field like this in Africa. Must be in a zoo or conservation? I would also question the radial point made on this image. Isnt radial supposed to be dead center with the rest of the composition following the pattern? I am probably wrong but I just wanted to type more instead of google-ing the answer.

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