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Los Manantiales / Felix Candela

The Los Manantiales restaurant was designed by  Félix Candela, a Mexican-Spanish architect, who was known for redefining the role of the architect in relation to structural problems, and played a crucial role in the development of new structural forms of concrete. He used concrete to build a thin shell structure. Since building the thin shell structure need complex mathematics to calculate, Candela developed forms where stresses could be determined with simple equations, called "umbrellas." I think this article is interesting because the shape of Los Manantials is unique and challenged. The thin shell structure enable to have a lot of sunlight go inside of the building, and create a comfortable and special feeling for the restaurant consumers.

article link: https://www.archdaily.com/496202/ad-classics-los-manantiales-felix-candela/

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  1. As an Industrial Design student I can appreciate the simplicity and feel the kinetic energy of the building, this beautiful architectural gem is definitely ahead of its time, and it looks like it was design recently. The roof seems to be spinning like a ballerina performing a perfect pas de deux (French, literally “step of two”) is a dance duet between two dancers) but in this case the building is dancing with the surrounding environment. The well though use of the material makes this building a beautiful piece for admiration. Excellent choice and I can see you have the eye.

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