M. Sabado – Assignment 101

This photo was taken in Oakland around the Broadway Terrace area. The original photo seemed to not be vibrant enough so for the finalized photograph, I added another layer on top of the original for a channel mixer. For the Red output, I adjusted the numbers from 100+, 0, and 0 to 130+, -15, and -15. For the Green output, I adjusted the numbers from 0, 100+, and 0 to -15, 130+, -15.  For the Blue output, I adjusted the numbers from 0, 0, and 100+ to -15, -15, and 130+. This allowed the colors to be more vibrant and "pop out" more. Alongside adding a channel mixer to the original photograph to make the colors stand out more, I used the "Soft Light" blending mode to add just a bit more contrast to the overall photograph. Since there was a bit more contrast, the light/sky seemed to be a bit "too" bright for me, so on the original layer, I utilized the burn tool to darken a few of the branches in the background that are out of focus.

Comments (3)

  1. Overall, the texture and the color in the image are really good story tellers, however, I think if you zoom out a bit from the flowers, they might look even neater.

  2. I really like how the two flowers become accented in the final picture. In the original, they seem to blend in with the brightness of the sky. Because you made the two flowers pop and burned the surrounding branches, they really became highlighted as the center focus.

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