Marissa Sanchez- Exercise 0.1: Living in a Concrete Box

Below is an interesting article in which architect Tadao Ando has created a concrete living space box.

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  1. Living in a concrete box sounds a great idea, but in this article i think the author should talk more about advantages and disadvantages of living in a concrete box.

  2. Interesting project! I looked into a piece pertaining to a concrete house as well and found that the use of the cement was so simple, yet aesthetically pleasing, that I’m surprised we don’t see it more commonly.

  3. While the idea behind this is out of the box no pun intended, I feel like there are a lot of small things that make this design undesirable. Such as the heating bill, maintaining the concrete for cracks.

  4. Tadao Ando is one of my all time favorite architects. Personally I love the Contrast between the building and it’s surrounding environment, beside the level of craftsmanship is amazing.

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