Mihir Bhatt – Exercise 106

I used a layer mask using the lasso tool to get the exact areas to turn black and white. With the panoramic photo, I stitched the images together and brightened the image by applying the dodge tool.

Comments (5)

  1. A lot of careful attention went into the enhacment of this image. I like how you made the car monochrome in appearance and highlighted and saturated the colors in the background. This gives the viewer interesting focus points around the image and not just on the car.

  2. Great monochrome effect on the car. It’s different and helps the eyes appreciate the details in the entire picture. The panoramic picture came out nice, I could not tell any break points between pictures.

  3. The panoramic photo is really good, it is just like shot by the pano mode on phone. And nice details on the car, that pic is all focus on it.

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