MUDA-Architects Wins “The Most Beautiful Bookstore in Chengdu” Competition

This building is very beautiful. It has a special structure. And it locates at the lake side, the back side of the building is with lots of trees. I think when people are sitting and reading in the building, they feel relax. It really shows that the idea of "a book falling from the sky". What's more, because of the weather in Chengdu, it brings a sense of mystery to me. If they actually build it, I am very interested in visiting there.

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  1. The shape of the building is really interesting. I am curious about its structure, and how I was built.

  2. This is a beautiful structure, the roofing of the library even looks like a book when looking upon the stack of pages. The building itself represents its use. Not to mention that the atmosphere is calming and open, giving a piece of heaven to the guests within. This is an example of how architecture works with the function of the building.

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