Oak House, Manuel Nunez-Ramirez Exercise 101

The Oak House located in Melbourne, Australia and designed by Kennedy Nolan uses the previous house located there a double fronted Victorian house as a basis for her new building adding a new fresh feel to it. for example, new extensions were added to the front and rear locating of the house to be able to install a new courtyard. you can consider the courtyard to be a "central" location of the first floor even though it actually isn't. all of the first floor rooms are connected by the courtyard giving them a sense of independence and privacy from the other rooms but at the same time close enough to where they can be considered connected as one area. the upper floors are more closed off and private compared to the lower floors, the  brise-soleil that is located on the side of the house adds shade protection and privacy to the upper floors. the brise-soleil also gives a sort of depth to the house itself.

Original Link: https://www.archdaily.com/923124/oak-house-kennedy-nolan

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