For this assignment, I wanted to take on something that is rather normal but to have that sense of surprise. That is when I decided to take a photo shoot of my brother playing soccer when he played around a little, that is when I got the idea. Having him start in the back where I took multiple shots of him kicking the ball, then brought him forward to the right side doing the same process before finally having him centered where he dribbles the ball with his knee. Picking the right images where there is the clear movement of the ball as well as having different positions, I proceeded to stitch up the images with panorama feature on photoshop. There were also a couple other images added in to complete the composition of the landscape. Upon merging the images, there were some glitches where my brother in the back disappeared altogether and the image in the middle ground had lost an arm. Needing the isolate the characters all together-after many failed attempts to bring all three images out-where I could place him in the right spot. The middle image was simple and done, but then when I got to the far background image, I realized it was a little cramped. Since I had isolated him and knew his position in layers, I simply moved him more to the left to add the space. Bringing the image together. Fixing up the background which the clone stamp when it came to the telephone wires and one of the lamp-posts, I was done! My post process was to bring out the vibrancy of the blue sky and the green grass, which I did then use levels to bring out more contrast. At some point, his skin got a little too saturated where I went back to add in brightness ever so slightly before a cool tone of color is added. There was still some dark saturation to his face, that is when I went into the vibrance layer to lessen the saturation little by little and added more vibrance. All while trying to keep the vivid colors and lighten his skin. It took some tries till finally it was done!

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