Panorama and HDR images

The High Dynamic Range photo came out odd and I like the weirdness of the image. I didn't get the depth of the foreground image in the set.  I like how the ceramic sculpture looks cutout and vivid. There is a window and I learned that glass will do funny things.  I also realize I didn't rotate around the nadir point so their is a ghost image of the roof and other after images, didn't realize I was moving the camera so much.  I felt that instead of realism having it funky was neat.

The Freeway underpass came out well as I avoided the cars that where driving by.  I also see how the exposure was different on the images.  I used 20 pictures and had trouble with photo shop in terms of processing speed and saving to web format.  I missed big portions of the upper and lower part to make it a better panorama.  I wanted to keep the overpass on the right so I just colored the rest of the image.

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