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Materials that aim to produce zero burden to the environment have long been investigated by architects. The 3D printing technology opens up a new horizon to the material used for building infrastructure and might as well reduce waste such as excessive concrete during the building process. A project known as Project Milestone was revealed during Dutch Design Week in 2016. This project aims to build five organic, 3D-concrete printed houses; each accommodates a family. Kitchen and bathrooms are as built in to be ready to move in. While for traditional building materials, for instance concrete; there is a limitation on the shape of structure where organic shapes cannot be mounted. This restricts architects from designing extravagantly organic and non-integrated design. With the new 3D concrete printing technology, the costs on building can be largely reduced, together with a shorter building time, 3D printed houses are hoped to lead a widespread in the near future.

One of the essence in architectural structure is material. Each material permeates a certain feeling and portrays flexibility or restrictions. Wood tends to be associated to nature, steel is hard and metal is malleable. It is to the architects’ choice in creating one structure that leave trace to the community. To young architects, the 3D concrete printing means a more efficient way in creating models is introduced, minimizing the time for experimenting. In the past, when concrete was discovered, it had opened up a new method in building and had been widely used since then. Do you think the 3D concrete printing technology would replace other building methods?

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  1. This is actually insanely interesting. I’m thinking of the impact this could have on designers like Frank Gehry, and the styles in which he designs could become so much easier.

  2. The shape and design of the buildings are very unique and interesting. The idea of 3D printing to build structure is so innovative, that we must know more on the subject. This summary was well written and engaging.

  3. Less of corner angles but all look cute. This style of design can be the future fashion for people who want comfortable living areas.

  4. I am all for the environment, and sustainability. When I see new ideas like this it makes me think that was we keep moving forward ideas like these only make sense. Not only is the design modern and futuristic looking, it actually is moving society in the right direction which I support.

  5. Very interesting project. The fact that it is going to be built with materials that are using 3D printing technology is revolutionary

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