Photo Critique- Vulture Stalking a Child by Kevin Carter

Personally, this is one of the best photos I have ever seen in my life, in terms of its composition, story and its impact.

The photo was taken in March 1993, when the photographer Kevin Carter made a trip to Africa to witness the hunger going on there. The picture is telling a "shocking" story. In the picture, the vulture was staring at the child, who was skinny and weak, seemed to be waiting the moment to hunt the child. The diagonal composition helps the viewers figure out the relationship between the vulture and the child, while the use of "Rule of Thirds" emphasizes the significance of the two objects.

Meanwhile, the use of brownish color scheme brings the story to life. In the picture, the use of "dirty" colors, like brown, yellowish green and grey, helps viewers witness the world of poverty and hunger, which the place has nothing else, but dirt, dry glass and broken shelters.

I believe the photographer used slightly shallow depth of field to distinguish the front objects from the background, and a fast shutter speed in order to "freeze" the moment. The diagonal composition used draws the attention of viewers, so that their eyes will follow the "diagonal path" created in the picture.

To conclude, the picture "Vulture Stalking a Child" has influenced tons of people around the globe with its dramatic composition and content.

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