Planter Box House-Exercise 101

The Planter Box House, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was designed for a retired couple who has a passion for gardening and growing food.  Architect group Formzero designed the house, the year is unknown, and it was built in 2017.  This house is 3 floors made of concrete cubes, and it includes "planter boxes" which are built around plants/trees.  There are forty plus edible plants on each floor level.  It has a tropical feel and is considered to be organic architecture.  The architects were inspired by indigenous cultures, Temuan, originated from Nigeri Sembilan.  Some materials used in this house are concrete, glass, steel, and bamboo.  There is also a custom irrigation system that recycles resources and uses rain water;  Because each planter box is different, the system supplies the perfect amount of water, for soil and plants, to each box. It is considered to be and contemporary tropical house.

To view more of this house, click the link below.

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  1. Brenda Hernandez-Diaz

    I absolutely love this building. Taking a concrete city and add major greenery like this is the minimum we can do to add back the miles of nature that have been cut down to build. I would have liked to see more windows, more lighting, but then if it’s a busy street, it may have been a privacy concern, however maybe solved a different way, but only in my view. But love the juxtaposition between greenery and concrete.

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