Planter Home by David Flores Exercise 101

This dwelling features practical growing spaces for food. This structure provides comfortable living along with edible vegetation that supplements more than just existing. It reminds one of a termite mound. Similar in basic design where the bottom portion of the structure will be cooler than the top, but adds to the comfortable interior ambient temperature. The location is very important for this building, it is built where the more tropical vegetation can grow because of the regional temperature and climate. For this urban setting, this building really stands out compared to the surroundings. Personally, it would fit in nicely in a rain forest/jungle environment for people wanting to live off-grid. I would also utilize the subterranean possibility of its area in adding more room for any other purpose. I would incorporate an interior waterfall from top to bottom as part of a water treatment system that would also regulate the interior temperature. I would include growing a fish in a fishery for food. But using the vegetation, soil, fish water, and filtration system symbiotically that it becomes almost independent, as a mini-biosphere. It would be very possible. I would include the use of solar, wind, pulse-motor generators, earth-batteries, HHO water electrolysis to burn with gas, atmospheric generators to make water and whatever other clean energy technologies available or soon to be invented from off the self current technologies. But that's just me.

By dflores614

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  1. Really like the combination of hard concrete and the dark green of all the plants. The renewable energy technology really makes it. Good job.

  2. I agree with Julian, I like to combination of concrete and plants. I love the use of plants in a home. It makes the energy feel more alive.

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