Quent Lapasa – Exercise 103

This is a good photograph by Lance Gerber of the art installation. I feel Lance is drawing on a few different composition techniques to strengthen the subject. There is a story being told, the different moods from the lighting and our human subject is looking into the yellow mood, it reinforces our urge to also want to "go to the light". The eye is drawn to the light because of the rule-of-thirds, lining up the light with the right third and the person with the bottom third. The way light at the end of the hall shines out and mixes with the other lights makes this radial composition.

Photo Credits: Lance Gerber

Comments (6)

  1. Your analysis of the composition is spot on. The photographer uses the diagonal composition to further emphasize the human subject and guide the narrative.

  2. Great job breaking down exactly how the photograph fits the requirements. I really like the way the colors fade from dark to light, it really draws the eyes into the meat of the photo where the human is standing.

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