Random Pak Chair – Marc Newsom Design Studio – Exercise 101 J. Sanchez

Simple yet intricated sophisticated design nickel chair using the Voronoi structure pattern. The clever application of the pattern on the design of this chair give us a clean pleasant  "mathematical" solution in  the use of the material. This versatile pattern may be  apply in multiple product designs. The chair may be produce for outdoor use also. "In a Voronoi pattern, every point within a given region is closer to the “seed” inside that region than it is to any other point outside that region. Each point along a region’s edge is equidistant from the two nearest seeds. It’s seen in places ranging from cracked mud to giraffe skin to foamy bubbles (1)".

Link to the website: http://marc-newson.com/random-pak-chair/

Link to the (1)  website: https://www.msichicago.org/explore/whats-here/exhibits/numbers-in-nature/the-patterns/voronoi-pattern/

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  1. The chair looks very interesting.
    I like how the chair combines a very processed material and mathematical look with a very organic looking pattern that could almost be made by nature.

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