Rebecca Johnson – Assignment 201

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  1. The long, back cushions look very realistic. I like the dense, laminated, almost chop block style of the side wood.

  2. Dimensions and proportions looks great, and feels comfy. Since you combined a second function to main body of your sofa, bookcase, you could design the shelves for different proposes. Variety of heights for different materials and objects, such as CDs, books, decorative objects, magazines and so on. Color choices are smart, analogous, creates a good rich warm sense . At the same time it has enough contrast between the wood material and cushiness, which makes it easy to understand.

  3. Great work with the cushions. Also love all the storage. Very useful couch, and I appreciate practicality while pleasing the eye 😉 Nice job

  4. The design is very functional. The pillows are well done. I would suggest adjusting the wood material to reflect just a little. Overall, very nice!

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