There are a variety of resources available on this website.  You can use the navigation menu to reach these resources or you can click on the links below.


  • Collage Images
    • The collage images section of the website includes cutout people, animals, objects and more.  Many have color, black/white, and silhouette versions.
  • Swatches
    • A collection of color coordinated swatches for the Adobe Suite.  Some swatches are Adobe product specific (Illustrator) and contain transparency, others are groupings of color designed to coordinate.
  • Tiling Textures
    • These seamless textures will tile both horizontally and vertically.  They are ideal for use in Photoshop collages and Illustrator clipping masks.
  • Downloadable Resource Packages
    • Zip packages of much of the content on this resources page designed to download and extract into the resources folder on your flash drive.
  • Rhino Blocks Library
    • Rhino .3dm files of objects & building components.  Some objects include material packages for rendering in V-Ray.
  • V-Ray Materials Library
    • A large collection of V-Ray for Rhino materials.  The downloads for each material are a .zip package that includes the .vismat file as well as appropriate map files.
  • V-Ray Proxy Objects Library
    • While still experimental, this is a collection of V-Ray proxy objects for use in Rhino renderings.  The polygon count of the objects has been reduced dramatically in the rhino viewports, but final rendered results will include all object detail.  Note:  There are challenges with the materials for the proxy objects and you will have to load the multimat material that is included with the V-Ray proxy object.
  • Panoramas
    • A collection of panoramic photographs with interactive VR capabilities.
  • Experimental Features
    • None at this time.

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  1. Dear Mr Grant

    I am going to attend DVC this year, and I want to know if tools for architects is a right class to take after intro to architecture or is there an other course I should take before this one.

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