Downloadable Resource Packages

Below you will find downloadable .zip files with resources that will be used in Archi 135 (Digital Tools for Designers) and Archi 136 (Digital Tools for Architects).  You should download the .zip file and extract the contents into your "Resources" folder on your flash drive.

Archi 135:

Archi 136:

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  1. Hello
    I am very impressed from your website.
    Is there a way to register and be part of it?
    Thank you very much

  2. Hi,

    I´ve been following your tutorials on Vray, its been really good.
    Im on my 8th semester, architecture studies in Aarhus school of architecture, Denmark. I see that people are asking for access to the extra material for the course. Is this still possible? I would be greatfull if i could get the premium content from you.

    Thank you verry much for the great tutorials.

  3. Hi grant I would love to get access to your material resources as an architecture student. Please invite me!

  4. Hi

    I’ve been learning rhino on my own and followed your tutorials, they are great Thank you for them! I was wondering if I can get access to the premium content. I noticed people asked before and figured I would too. I’m studying architecture in Bolivia, South America, I’m on my 4th semester.

  5. Hi

    i have been learning rhino and post production and I am trying to get an understanding of your tutorials ,I am in my 8th semester and I still suck in photoshop and rhino. I am from Egypt. an I thought I can ask for access to the premium content?

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