Rio Grande Botanical Garden – Olivia Scheffler

 The Rio Grande Botanical Conservatory Garden, Albuquerque, New Mexico

This Botanical is designed by Mazira Inc.

This green house type garden is 10,000 square feet and maintains the temperatures (above 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit above outdoor lows) for desert and Mediterranean plant growth with little or no outside energy input. The window technology is sustainable for the health of these plants by the ventilation technology. The several technologies in this building is for the pavilions for the different types of plants including the conservation of  Mediterranean Basin and Sonoran desert.Using solar energy and a maintenance free aluminum space frame, this structure's actually ended up costing only 15 percent of the total construction budget. 

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  1. This summary is very informative, and I am able to understand the main aspects of the structure. I just wish you would use more descriptive words that would convey the emotions that you feel as a result of the building. And how how this type of design is applicable to your field of work.

  2. This green house garden is a model and standard that all 21st century structures should attain. To create an energy efficient structure is, a lot of the time, top priority or architects and engineers because it is an ideal our society is trying to reach in many other aspects of our daily lives. Having attained this standard makes the building very practical and futuristic all in one.

    A beautiful piece of Architecture is one that can stand, is useful/practical, and has an interesting and beautiful design. This building definitely contains all three.

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