Rodica Olteiu – Assignment 101


The following adjustments were made to the original photo:

-The levels were adjusted from 0 to 35 and from 255 to 238

-The curves were adjusted by changing the S form.

- The Output Channel was changed as follow: - red 118, -9, -9

-green 118, -9, -9

- blue 118, -9, -9

- The Mode was changed to overlay and lighter setting.

-Using Layer and New Layer - Fill Overlay - neutral color (50%) gray.

- With the Dodge Tool I lightened the color of the grass.

- With the Burn Tool  I darkened the color of the sky.

Comments (2)

  1. A lot of great effective editing can be seen on a country side photograph. And you have managed to do justice to the area.

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