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  1. I really like the shape of your house and the design of the stone panel, decorative and eye-catching. Maybe one suggestion is to remove the line crossing on the plan to make it not distractive as you probably do not to show it in a “plan” view.

  2. Very clean and detailed layout. Your design is very cool, it looks like a cabin that definitely belongs in Yosemite. I think your layout is a little hard to read because the line weights are so similar. It may be good to darken lines to help with depth snd readability. Also maybe filling in portions that are the same material or are part of the same space will help a lot.

  3. Hi Lihjen & Lola! Thank you for your comments. Operating AutoCad and all the features is amazing to learn with Mr. Adams even through the crashes, time outs and save breaks. I finished a number of other projects and had this one to post before the deadline and when I opened it up to work on it, there were missing changes I was working on, including line weights. I couldn’t delete the line. It would be amazing to have class in person to work on this with fellow students, too, but we can’t with our decentralized system. Maybe we can work on zooming together sometime to learn from each other and work on some ideas together before deadlines. I would enjoy that! Thank you.

  4. So, many people to thank! Lots of updates including line weights, wall & roof coverings. Thank you class and Instructor for all the special work! Enjoy the day! rth

  5. The house looks great. The appearance is very unique, especially with a huge fireplace, so that you don’t feel comfortable in winter

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