This is a picture of Spider Rock in de Chelleys Canyon, Arizona. It is on a Navajo Reservation. I posted this picture on my Facebook page and it received a lot of comments so I thought I would use it for class, too.

Like most, I find many amazing things about this photo: the view, scale, colors, pathway, framing of the water and story it has among the Navajo People.  The rock itself, isolated and immense, breaking out into a serene scene is an impressive monument and seems to suit a Rule of Thirds on the right side and in the center third to give the photo an incredible position and dimension.

I rafted the Grand Canyon this past September and love this area many ancient civilizations called home. It is a beautiful part of our Country.

By r.heydenfeldt

Pursuing digital business design and engineering.

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  1. Wow!, that is a very impressive and colorful photo, the contrast between the colors of this one makes everything stand out in the photo, and the central stone gives it a plus.
    Very nice photo, nice work:)

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