Rudy Navarro Assignment 1 Archi 135

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This was my final image after editing on photoshop. I had to jump through a lot of technological hoops to upload so I am hoping the image did not get too distorted while trying to upload. I really like the use of Black and white in photos, it is just very aesthetically pleasing to me, so I turned on the monochrome filter with the green filter to enhance the leaves a little better. I then moved around with my levels layer to try and see what I can do to make the shadow on the leaves get a little lighter because too dark would've made the tree unnatural. The brightness and contrast are where I tidied up the leave and the background, again I did not want the levels to look too dark against a light background. I added a curves layer, but then realized it was not going to do much for the image as the values were off to even pin point on the graph.

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  1. I also like black and white photos because of the unique mood of black and white photos. As you said, the leaves look natural because the shadow is not too dark.

  2. HI Rudy,
    This photo is very pleasing to look at. I also like the effect of black and white photos, they look very clean. I like the contrast between the lightness of the background and the darker tones of each leaf.

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