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Fade To Green / HYLA Architects

The natural choice of material for this house was timber, this house really has a connection to nature and this is what really caught my interest. All throughout the house contains strips of timber creating a screen of walls. With this style throughout the structure, the house is very green and it is not only green in its design and nature, but also in its operation. it contains rainwater harvester and solar panels which are located on the roof top that sustains everyday needs while also helping the environment. This house is semi-detached house with four bedrooms on the second level with the master bedroom taking up most of the space on the third level. Inside the interior, landscaping surrounds each room and plants have taken over a majority of the house.


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  1. This house is beautiful inside and out! I love the way that the architect was able to blend the sleek modern look that everyone wants in houses with the luscious greens from outside. I would imagine it would be a pain to manage though so gardeners would be a must

  2. I enjoyed looking at this house, I am an avid supporter of incorporating nature into homes. I hope that in the near future we see more houses with more plants rather than communities with fake grass.

  3. Great observation on the qualities of this design. Especially the integration of rainwater harvesting equipment! This is really on the cutting edge of where we are headed, and being able to meld function and feasibility in to design is golden.

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