Ryan Smith – Exercise 103

This Photograph taken by Ben Brown incorporates many techniques in this one picture. What first drew my eyes to the photo was the focal point and how the train, floor, and ceiling radiated out from it. This picture also demonstrates repetition in the tiles on the floor as well as the supports and lights on the ceiling. Adding to the context and story of the photo, the focal point is placed using the rule of thirds at approximately one third form the left. Lastely the photographer made use of a slightly lower shutter speed to capture the movement and blur of the train while still allowing it to retain some of its detail.


Comments (3)

  1. It is a great photo. How he use the train help my eye to see a point is amazing. And other materials such as lamp and the ceiling are taking its part of pointing a center point. Your explanation really helps me to see another details

  2. Even though the quality of the photo is pixelated, compositional techniques can still be seen in this image. It really gives off the feeling that the viewer is standing right next to the train.

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