Sam Albert – Assignment 3

I was going for something a little more open ended, but simplistic at the same time. I believe that less is more, because of how too much can easily go awry.  The "got...?" slogan is obviously recognizable by all, and I thought that by using wood, I could let you figure out the connotations that went with it 😉


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  1. I like the simpleness of it. The black and white make it dramatic and then the question keeps me thinking. Makes me want to go to the lecture to find out what the wood is going to be used for specifically. Maybe you could make the “architecture…future” slightly bigger than Fall 2011 to emphasize it a bit more. Very nicely ordered. The fonts are working really well too. Goooood job! 😀

  2. Simply – the best. The concemp of the poster follows the “Less is More” advice.
    It definitely stimulates curiosity to know what the lectures at DVC are about.
    Black and white, the choice of font, layout – everything works together very well.
    Got tallent? Yes, you do.

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