Lecture 109

Graphic Design 1
“Introuction to InDesign"

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Lecture 109 Practice:


Using the introductory skills covered in lecture, open Adobe InDesign and create an album (CD) cover for a new album by your favorite band. Take some time to think through the “Design Process” and make sure to define your role as the designer, the intended audience of the work (viewer, listener), and the desired outcome of the cover art.

Part I: Size & Layout

  • Begin with a Compact Disc size document in Adobe InDesign. You may wish to change your default units to inches by navigating to Edit>User Preferences> Units & Increments...
  • Now, using your own images or images you have found on the internet, place the image into your InDesign document (Follow InDesign 2.2 [place, re-size, crop]) Remember, you can use Photoshop to process/correct the image before using it in InDesign!
  • You can now add text (we will talk in-depth about "text" in the next lecture) using the text tool. Select an appropriate font.
  • Don’t forget to use your intuition. Be creative and have fun!

Part 2: Exporting your work

  • When you have finished your layout, save your InDesign file in the way discussed in lecture. (This should be an .indd file)
  • Now, use the File>Export command to create a .jpg of your work. You should select .jpg as the format, and choose where you would like to save the file. When prompted change the resolution to 300 ppi and the Quality to High.
  • By the end of lab today, post your work on the course website.

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