Shane Rossi Hegarty – Assignment 101

The first enhancement I made to my photograph was cropping the image in a way that placed the car using the rule of thirds. This helps give the photograph more direction and helps tell more of a story as to what is going on. Next I made an adjustment to both the levels and curves. In the curves adjustment I created a mask leaving out the car to help darken only the background and help the car stand out just a bit more.

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  1. I really like this image. The car is the focus as it follows the rule of thirds and maintains as a highlight of the photo. The sunset adds a beautiful background but does not take away from the focus on the car.

  2. I really like how you crop the photo and making the car to the more far left side. It makes the photograph more attractive and have a center focus. I also like how you toned the color of the car and make it more pop out from the surrounding background.

  3. This image has a great angle with the car facing the horizon. The editing gave a warmer tone to the photo which looks nice. I also like how you crop the photo to place the car on the 1/3 of the photograph.

  4. The crop was a great choice. Cutting out most of the asphalt improved the photo immensely right there, and the colors you managed to capture in the sky are beautiful.

  5. I really like how you took the photo, everything is very horizontal and it created a sense of peace to me. And, the color and angle of the car that it faces, direct me to the landscape. Also, I think is good that you crop the photo and move the car to create a more interesting composition.

  6. I like the sunset as the background of the picture. It balances the color of the car and ground. Also, the crop is a good idea.

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