Exercise 103 silhouette photo- Jake Chene

I believe that this is a good image because it shows a unique scene with unique and diverse colors.  As the image I chose is a silhouette, there is obviously a certain tone to the lighting and objects in the image itself.  This particular image shows a series of desert plants in the foreground with the sunset in the background.  Because it is a silhouette this makes the objects in the foreground appear to be black and darkened while the background has a diverse range of colors.  in this case this is due to different light wave lengths hitting different parts of the atmosphere, allowing certain colors to pass though and prohibiting others from doing so.  Overall due to this phenomenon, this makes for an interesting use of light throughout the image which captures he attention of viewers.  I believe that one strategy to make this image standout the way it does, was to take it during the late evening where the sunlight was not even.  Furthermore, given the fact that if one were to divide the image into nine even rectangles 3x3, the plant silhouettes and the color change of the sky all land on those focal points of the rectangles, which makes for an interesting rule of thirds.


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