Skye Elvin – Ex. 1.1

 The Architects Cosmopolitan!

This web based magazine has everything from daily photo slide shows and interviews with architects to tips on being green, forums for the public and blogs from the staff of AR.

                 Architectural Record is useful for young designers because of the endless information they have. The web-magazine has an immense archive of articles on the worlds top architects as well as  the most inspirational and important new buildings.  The web-mag  covers many architectural based news stories across the world.  Architectural Record has portfolios of different architectural fields and of recent projects.  The web-mag also gives architects an opportunity to submit their work in many different fields to display in the online showcase gallery, so there are plenty of different levels of work for young designers to look at and gain inspiration from. Architectural Record is a web-mag of the architectural outlook on the world, and how architecture can help create change tangibly and intangibly.

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