“Sonic Boom” Photo Composition Analysis

In "Sonic Boom", photographer Sergey Grekov combines compositional techniques with camera mechanics to highlight the often unknown wildlife of LA. The Rule of Thirds is clearly used, with the bird itself sectioning off the photo, allowing for the spray of water to take up the back two thirds of the photo. Along with layout, the photographer also uses depth of field to specifically highlight the subject of the photo, as well as a high shutter speed to draw attention to the individual droplets of water dripping off of the bird.

Link: https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2019/05/2019-national-geographic-travel-photo-contest/588583/

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  1. I really enjoy this picture a lot. The action of this photo obviously stands out and since the action in this photo follows the rule of third, it allows us to see the effects of the action going on behind the bird which is the spray of water and this way that is now another part of action happening in the photo other than just the bird.

  2. The action the photographer is able to capture in the photo is amazing! Look at that fish he is flying! This image is very visually stunning and the camera work is technically strong as well, but sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time.

  3. This photo hits on all the points- Rule of thirds, Field adjustment and shutter speed to create an impactful image. Pretty amazing!

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