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12 Chinese Home Remodeling Ideas: Solutions to Housing Problems

Written by Xiaohang Hou

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In the article, "12 Chinese Home Remodeling Ideas: Solutions to Housing Problems" by Xioahang Hou, the author explores China's home reconstruction project, "Dream Home" to addresses the idea of home and what it means in the midst of China's housing problem. In 2014, "Dream Home" was introduced to help promote better living situations by redesigning small and awkwardly shaped homes. In most cases, homes in China are built in whatever land is available regardless of size, shape, and location, so ideas to redesign the space to function and meet the needs of whoever lives there yield fascinating solutions. Hou, provided multiple examples of home projects with explanations of how architects and interior designers remodeled the space to bring better natural lighting, nature, personalized function and acknowledging that homes have different family generations. One solution was to bring ventilation, natural light, and the need of stairs to access the garden roof all together in one room. Three of the four walls were glass so light can enter the home, and a large door to allow air circulation. The article, overall, shows that a home is not restricted to size, any space can be molded to fit anyone's needs.


I found the article interesting because it brings insight to one aspect of  housing problems, small space or lack of space. The article showed me that a small space does not automatically mean unfunctional or not home-worthy. Redesigning any space to make it functional is possible and connects to the reasons why I am looking into architecture as my career. I am fascinated by tiny homes because it can provide to some people a different lifestyle that can promote healthier living. Only having what you need and, in some cases, be debt free while still owning a home. The article went project by project listing what the people living in the homes need and then what designers and architects came up with. Those ideas can be used everywhere and even in my own space or future space. I can share those ideas to friends and family too.

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