Sophia Di Mauro, Exercise 101, “Why Climate Change Planning Will Be Cultural as Well as Physical”

Arch Daily came out with an article titled “Why Climate Change Planning Will Be Cultural as Well as Physical,” that highlights the cultural aspects indigenious people deal with when having to relocate due to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. The article discusses how in New Orleans, the sea level is constantly rising, causing seven coastal communities to relocate. One of the communities having to relocate are the Choctaw Indian residents of Isle de Jean Charles. Planners designing the new location 30 miles away realized they will also have to take in the cultural aspect of building in order to preserve cultural traditions. The author related this idea back to a rope bridge engineer who built a rope bridge for another indigenious community that lost their landscape. The rope bridge for these people was a part of a sacred ritual they would have otherwise lost due to losing their landscape.The power of cultural traditions is discussed as without continuing them you are “killing” the remains of a culture’s certain aspect. The author relates this back to the sense that climate change affects everyone differently , causing new and different problems that we must find solutions for.

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