I did some adjustments in this picture by using photoshop. First I emphasized the shadows and then

adjusted the levels of colors so that there is more contrast within the picture. Those were  basically the main changes,

after that I just did some touch ups by using the dodge tool.

Comments (3)

  1. Great contrast on the trees. Though at some areas that sharp contrast may be working against ya cause at the lower left corner where the stairs begin, that dark shadowy area may be too much where as in the middle of the stairs the pointy-ness of the tree plus its shadow looks really awesome.

  2. The yellow really helps bring out the trees in the foreground. The palm trees base is very dark, is there a way to maybe lighten that a little to see some texture?

  3. I like how you made this stair case look so much more dramatic; very artsy. Although the shadows are very dark, I think it adds to the picture. But on the back tree, the high contrast makes it lose a lot of its texture, which i think would help it look much more realistic. Other than that great job.

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