This picture of a cymbidium orchid flower spike was taken using a Canon PowerShot A590IS, f/2.8, 1/1000 sec., ISO-80, focal length 6 mm.

In Photoshop:
I adjusted the histogram slightly. There was a short flat spot on the black side of the histogram.

The curve layer may the most difference. I used a custom setting for a slight "s-curve" which really brought out the reds in the photo.

The next layer is used was Channel Mixer. I bumped up the green to a value of 116, and reduced the red and blue by -8.

I did not need to dodge or burn anything in the photo.

I used the blending function to add an inner shadow to the frame edge of the photo.

Cymbidium orchid flower spike shot in 11a.m.

By Steven Goetz

My objective this semester is to learn the digital tools necessary for the design profession. I have taken Digital Tools for Architects 135, Autocad and Intro to Graphics Design.

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  1. I like the way you enhanced the imagine in order to give more saturation to the bright colors. It also helped the details of the wood and the shadow to stand out.

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