Sugan Manohar Assignment 105

Two Bedroom House

The fireplace is on the first level between the sofas, on the red carpet, in the living room. To see the scenery you should walk on the pathway of the outer wall. The kitchen only comes with a sink and is attached to the dining room. Both the dining room and kitchen are connected to the living room. On the second floor, there are two bedrooms. The main part is the elevator that connects both levels, and as you go up there is a glass exterior that allows you to see the scenery. The small windows are tinted for privacy. The entrance to the house is on the left side of the house.

Though the color scheme for the carpets may stand out, but the three floors all represent something:

  • The green carpet is for nature, the green in Yosemite
  • The Blue represents the blue skies and the tranquil and serene rivers that flow throughout Yosemite
  • The red doesn't have to do with the outside scenery as much, but more about the living room itself. The red carpet represents the warmth from the heat from the enclosed space in the fireplace room.

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