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I think it is vitally important to people with an interest in a particular field or hobby to familiarize themselves with those who are successful in the topic in question. For soccer players, everyone knows who the greats are: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Soccer players thrive to be as good and work as hard as those two professionals, trying to mimic their work ethic and attitudes.

For designers, I would think the same mentality of trying to work just as hard as the best out there should also apply. This article provides young designers with an informative list of 20 famous interior designers and their success stories. I think this article is interesting because after reading it, I can align myself with some of these designers and their design philosophy. Learning about the success of some of the most popular designers has motivated me to push myself harder in this field, and hopefully this article can do the same for others!

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  1. Such a good point! I recognized maybe one of those people (I thought that was Robert Pattison at the center bottom and Kirsten Dunst on the bottom right but it’s clearly not).

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