The Snail. Exercise 103. Elaine Eterosa

This picture brought me so much attention because the fact that it's a snail and the actual photo is amazing. Typically we don't really see them up close because they are small and we usually step on them because they kind of like blend in on the dirt. But here, in this photo it showed every detail that we have never seen. It's colors and textures are very detailed. The light from the sun touching the shell part really brought the whole color of the snail popped out.

Comments (2)

  1. The amount of texture, detail, and vibrancy of the colors make this a very striking photo. The bright colors of the snail provide a good contrast to the dark ground. Overall it is a good photograph.

  2. Great find! The subject is truly unique, and made more interesting by the way the light shines through and the colors pop. The rule of thirds with the shell and the snail’s body add to the appeal. I also like how the antennae create symmetry with the shell.

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