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The XI Towers New York City

In New York City you can find these two dancing towers midway between the up and coming Chelsea neighborhood and the Meatpacking district of Manhattan. These towers were set to open in 2019, and have a cutting edge design seemingly dancing over the lower New York skyline. The towers will have lower level restaurants and a luxury hotel. The upper levels will support apartments for New York residents to have a view of either the river or the Manhattan skyline.These towers are structurally stunning curving into each other and out over the skyline, definitely a new standout building coming to New York City and showing to the world a new angle of designing skyscrapers.

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The XI towers in New York will "dance" with each other, says Bjarke Ingels

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  1. The way Bjarke Ingels plays with the simple form of a building, shifting them in different angles, is amazing. His designs are beautiful, you should check out his other building in Manhatten, VIA 57 West.

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