Thomas Black – Photoshop Editing of Digital Images – Exercise 104

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  1. Hello Thomas,
    I really like your work overall, you have a lot of whites and contrasts in your photos which exemplify the blacks in your photos nicely. Additionally, your landscape photos aren’t a pure black, like on the stairs or in the trees, which make them have more character.
    The one photo that really stood out to me was your light bulb one because you lowered your exposure to the point where the background is almost black and the lightest point is the dust on the light bulbs. Overall well done.

  2. i really like the photo with the light bulbs. the photos all look good with the editing. i like the black and white one the most

  3. nice edits i like the picture of the lights it makes it seem more popin also colors and the edits makes it more better

  4. The processing of the first image is really good. I like how many different results you could get from the editing.

  5. Those light bulbs look great. I like how each image is a different result, which I personally found difficult to achieve with this exercise.

  6. I really like the light bulb photo specifically because the colors in the final photo, although dramatic, bring a nice warmth to its concept.

  7. I enjoy the lightbulb picture because, even though the object is in the middle, the pop of the different colors make it interesting.

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