Travis Chapman Exercise 4.4

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  1. I like how you use the arrows to do the floor plan and the section. Also the colors bring more attention to your drawing. Good work.

  2. Very creative work, I like how you combine the arrows in the first one, and the second one looks even better, I like the sketchy feeling, and good use of color!

  3. The first image really has a unique feel to it. The arrangement of shapes is definitely unique, but it works quite well. I also like how the second picture is a perfect representation of the building, but with more of an artistic feel. Awesome job!

  4. As Sam said, a very unique feel. I think a lot of it is due to the strong use of the arrows, which I somewhat liked and somewhat didn’t like. I liked them because they are well done and eye catching with the strong colors and subtle color changes, but didn’t like them only because I didn’t understand what they might be trying to convey. Good use of the yellow and then the door – really brought my attention to its existence.

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