Tsz Fung Fung Oscar – Assignment 101

The weakness of this original photograph is too normal as it looks too green. So i made some changes on this picture. First of all, I made it look white in the level. I also deleted the background -Blue and increased the red portion in the picture. Also, i changed the color balance and the texture. Therefore, my final photo shown above looks great and special .

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  1. The edited photo looks great and professional. Since the straws and the building share similar yellowish tone, you choose this color as the main tone of the photo. I like how you adjust the color of the photo and increase the contrast to make it more intense. I think it is clever to make the sky white instead of blue, so the yellowish color becomes dominant and makes the photo looks special.

  2. The enhanced light and color balance on this picture makes it looks like a rendered drawing. The light may have been a little much for a natural picture but I like it.

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