Assembly 10.1 [Vectorworks to Illustrator]

“Vectorworks to Illustrator (Plans)”

  1. Begin with your design in Vectorworks.  You should have your design complete and be ready to export to .pdf.
  2. Navigate to the Navigation Palette (Window>Palettes>Navigation) and select the "Design Layers" tab.  Use the "Layer Options" dropdown list to make all layers visible, the active layer black with other layers gray, or only a single layer visible.
    • "Show/Snap Others" - Shows all layers in black
    • "Gray/Snap Others" - Active layer is black, other layers are gray
    • "Active Only" - Shows only active layer in black.
  3. Next click on the "Current Render Mode" button and select the appropriate style.
    • "Wireframe" - All lines are drawn
    • "Sketch" - All lines are drawn in a sketch style
    • "Dashed Hidden Line" - Exterior lines are drawn black, hidden lines are drawn hidden & gray
    • "Hidden Line" - Exterior lines are drawn black, hidden lines are drawn gray
  4. Now click on the layers button and adjust the scale of all layers to be appropriate (usually 1/4"=1' or 1/8"=1') using the "Edit..." button and the "Scale..." button in the "Layer Scale" window that pops up.  Make sure to have the checkbox for "All Layers" checked in the "Layer Scale" window.
  5. Use File>Export>Export PDF to export a .pdf file of the view.  Make sure to check the "Export Design Layers as PDF layers" box and the "Export Classes as PDF layers" as well as the "Current View" button.
  6. Open Adobe Illustrator and use File>Open to open the .pdf file saved in step 5.  The initial floor plan should look similar to the one below.
  7. Next, modify the line-weights in Illustrator.  Select individual lines to change by either access group isolation mode (by double clicking on grouped objects) and selecting lines or select individual lines using the direct select tool.  When you have finished, your drawing should look similar to the one below.
  8. Follow Illustrator Tutorial 3.6 to add a live paint fill region to the primary floor area.  I've used a PrismaColor Architectural Marker swatch (you can get them from the course website).
  9. Floor Fill region transparency added, fill region for walls added with opacity mask texture
  10. Floor area turned off, Walls only (this is optional based on what "looks right" to you for your final presentation.

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