AutoCAD 9.6 [publish to web JPG]

“Publish to Web JPG”

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  1. Click on the plot icon or navigate to File>Plot.A16-PlotIcon
  2. Next, choose “Publish to Web JPG.pc3” in the Printer/Plotter Name: field.
  3. If a dialog box pops up, select “Use Default Paper Size.”
  4. Adjust the Plot Style Table to be “acad.ctb” or a specific pen assignment as required. (Red rectangle)
  5. Under staded viewport options, select Quality as “Maximum” (Blue rectangle)
  6. Asjust your plot scale to be appropriate (Green rectangle). If scale is not important, check the box for “Fit to Paper”
  7. Under plot area, you may wish to choose “Window” and specify a bounding box for your work. (orange rectangle).[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]