AutoCAD 9.8 [blocks]

“Working with blocks”

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  1. Click on the “Insert” ribbon at the top of the AutoCAD window.
  2. If you have an AutoCAD file to use as a block (often downloaded from online sites), click on the “Insert” button or type insert into the command line.
  3. Click on the browse button (red box below) and naviate to your file. (It is good practice to store these blocks in a consistent location like a resources folder within your project folder).
  4. Next, you should check the box for “Specify on Sceen” under the Insertion Point section and click “Ok.” (Blue box below)[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  5. You can now specify a location for your block on the screen.
  6. In rare circumstances, you may need to adjust the scale or rotation of the block in which case you can specify a scale in the scale section and the rotation in the rotation section of the Insert Block window. Both options can be done “on screen” during the placement process.
  7. To use the AutoCAD design library, please follow AutoCAD 9.7 [design library].