AutoCAD 9.11 [construction lines]

“Using Rays and Construction Lines”

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  1. Follow AutoCAD 9.10 [layers] to create a new, non-printing layer. Name this layer “Guides.” Please also change the color of the layer to something like red. Make the layer active by double clicking on it or by selecting it from the dropdown menu in the layers section of the home ribbon (with nothing selected).
  2. Type ray or navigate to Draw>Ray. Rays begin at a point and extend infinitately in only one direction.
  3. Click on a start point or specify the point by coordinates.
  4. Now click on the direction for the ray. If you want to draw a ray on an angle (45 degrees) for example, type the tab key and then type the angle. Type the tab key again and click in the direction for the ray.
  5. If you want your guide to go in both directions from a point, navigate to Draw>Construction Line or type xline.
  6. Now type H for horizontal, V for vertical, or A for angled followed by the degree of the angle.
  7. You can turn these lines off by turning off the Guides layer. You can lock the guides by locking the Guides layer.