AutoCAD 9.3 [polyline]

"Working with Polylines"

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  1. Click on the polyline tool or type polyline or pline.A16-Polyline
  2. Specify a start point on screen by clicking or type in a start point based on the coordinate system (See AutoCAD 9.1 [coordinate systems].
  3. With dynamic input enabled (default), you can specify a length of line by typing in a length value to the dynamic input box (red rectangle below) or you can specify an angle using the dynamic input angle input box (blue rectangle below) (type tab on keyboard to switch between values). You can also specify a next point (again by clicking on the screen or by using the coordinate system).[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  4. Continue specifying next points until your line is complete.  Hit enter/return on keyboard when finished.
  5. There are additional polyline options available after specifying a start point (step 2).  To access these options, press the down arrow on they keyboard.  The two most common choices are Arc and Close.
    • Arc:  This converts the next line segment to an arc rather than a straight line.  You can type s for a second point (to pass an arc through a given point) or just click on the end point of the arc.  Type l when finished to go back to a line.
    • Close: This closes the given polyline by creating a line from the last point to the first point.
    • Undo:  Undo the last point.
    • Length:  Specify the length of the line segment (this is now more easily controlled through they dynamic input length field.
    • Halfwidth and Width will change the thickness of the polyline.  I do not recommend changing settings.  Instead use the line weight menu to change thickness.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]